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Anna Sundberg



Bernard F. Bunye, manager

Office: (917) 408-3687

Cell: (440) 364-2172

Headshot by David Noles


Fargo                                                     Guest Star (S1, Ep3)         FX/dir. Randall Einhorn

Theater People                                    Recurring Co-Star (S3)   Seeka TV/dir. Matthew G. Anderson


V/H/S/85                                              Supporting Lead             Shudder/dir. Mike P. Nelson

I Am Not A Serial Killer                     Co-Star                             IFC Midnight/dir. Billy O'Brien

Farmer of the Year                              Co-Star                             Yellow House Films/dir. Vince O'Connell,  Kathy Swanson                                                                                                                                 


The Comedian's Tragedy                   Cleon                                Access Theater, prod. Matt Amendt/dir. Bill McCallum


Psychic Voices, by Lauren Holmes   Lucy                                  The Brick/dir. Jaclyn Biskup

Coach Coach, by Bailey Williams    Cornelia                            Clubbed Thumb/dir. Sarah Blush

The Way of the World                        Ms. Marwood                   Roundabout Theatre Company/dir. Jessie Austrian

Bewilderness, by Zack Fine               Woodchuck/A Doctor     Fiasco Theater/dir. Noah Brody

Uncle Vanya                                         Sonya                                 Fiasco Theater/dir. Jessie Austrian

The Feast, by Deborah Stein             Waitress                             Playwrights Horizons/dir. Adam Greenfield


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                         Maggie                               Virginia Stage Company/dir. Khanisha Foster

Disgraced                                               Emily                                 Virginia Stage Company/dir. Khanisha Foster

Pride and Prejudice                             Caroline Bingley               Guthrie Theater/dir. Joe Dowling

Tales from Hollywood                         Helene Weigel                  Guthrie Theater/dir. Ethan McSweeney

Beautiful Thing                                     Leah                                   Theater Latte Da/dir. Jeremy B. Cohen

Lungs                                                      W                                        GreenHouse Theatre Project/dir. Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri

Big Love                                                 Lydia                                  GreenHouse Theatre Project/dir. Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri

Dark Creation: The Mary Shelley      Mary Shelley                    GreenHouse Theatre Project/dir. Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri       Project        

A Midsummer Night's Dream             Lysander/Peter Quince  Ten Thousand Things/dir. Michelle Hensley

Henry IV Part One                                Hotspur                             Ten Thousand Things/dir. Michelle Hensley

Romeo & Juliet                                      Juliet                                  Ten Thousand Things/dir. Peter Rothstein

Venus In Fur                                          Vanda                                 The Jungle Theater/dir. Joel Sass

Detroit                                                    Sharon                               The Jungle Theater/dir. Joel Sass

Constellations                                       Marianne                           The Jungle Theater/dir. Gary Gisselman

The Heiress                                           Marian Almond                The Jungle Theater/dir. Bain Boehlke

Venus In Fur                                          Vanda                                 Great River Shakespeare Festival/dir. Jess Shoemaker

Shakespeare in Love                            Viola de Lesseps               Great River Shakespeare Festival/dir. Doug Scholz-Carlson

Julius Caesar                                          Cassius                               Great River Shakespeare Festival/dir. Rich Barbour

A Midsummer Night's Dream            Titania/Hippolyta            Great River Shakespeare Festival/dir. Beth Gardiner

For The Loyal (World Premiere)        Mia                                     Illusion Theater/dir. Michael Robins

Robin Hood (World Premiere)           Maid Marian/Much         Children's Theatre Company/dir. Greg Banks                                                                           

After Miss Julie                                      Miss Julie                           Gremlin Theatre/dir. Leah Cooper


Developing new work with Jeffrey Hatcher, Les Waters, Carson Kreitzer, Mona Mansour, Maria Stiar, Greg Moss, Dan Dietz, Mat Smart, Jeremy Cohen, Hayley Finn, Joe Waechter, and many more


NYC classes with Annie McNamara, Lisa Donadio, Erica Jensen, Jessica Hecht; B.A. Theater St. Olaf College; A.C.T. Classical Intensive; Apprenticeship with Great River Shakespeare Festival; 1 year-long Internship with the Court Theatre in Christchurch, New Zealand


Twelve years classical piano training, six years classical ballet training, 200 hr certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, skilled in stage combat (have performed rapiers, daggers, unarmed, and Eskrima stick-fighting), studied French, licensed driver, smoking, cartwheels (traditional and one-handed), splits, headstands, avid whittler


Minneapolis Star Tribune's "Best Actor" 2013; Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine's "Best Actress" 2012; Lavender Magazine's "Best Classical Performance of 2015" (for Hotspur); Ivey Award for Emerging Artist of the Year 2011; Minnesota Monthly Magazine's "Artists We Love" 2011

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